Drayton Players - Oxfordshire The Last Job by Sue Hadley June 2018 A one Act Play Home Cast Izzy .......…... Sue Hadley Ron ............ Mike Davies Directed By … Sue Hadley Lighting ….…… Mike Ward Sounds ..….….. Mike Davies Click on Photos for bigger version - Use browser’s Back button to return Crew

Police Officer Izzy (Sue Hadley) a professional murderer, acquires another old manor-house in Oxfordshire by devious means. She then fights with her elder bother Ron (Mike Davies) over the spoils of their job. Both seem to be losing their edge, as they play about and reminisce over past family life. But, we get to witness this weird funny, complicated love hate relationship and why they both are struggling to get enough money to retire.

All is not as it seems when both face the consequences of Ron’s conversion to Christianity. Could it be their last job or not?

Performed at Abingdon & Wallingford Drama Festivals