Welcome to Drayton Players - Oxfordshire December 2023 Away With  the Fairies at  Christmas

A play by Sue Hadley

THE BIG CHRISTMAS SHOW- It’s full of fun and madness!

Being senior doesn’t mean you can be exploited.  
Even if your DIY man is an Elvis Impersonator.  
A unique and inspiring Christmas story, where good triumphs
over evil at “The Foresters” sheltered accommodation.
One act tells it all! This is an ADULT SHOW were grown ups
have fun and laughter.

SPECIAL: Stay and meet the cast this Christmas show.
Bar open before and after the show. Raffle and fun.

N.B. Contains sexual references Fri  8th December at  8.00pm   Sat 9th December at  7.30pm Steventon Village Hall The Green, Steventon, OX13 6RR All Tickets  £7.50 In person from Vickerys Hardware Store, Drayton  or In person from 40 Castle St, Steventon, OX13 6SR by phone  01235 821351 On-line: www.trybooking.co.uk/CTER (Booking fees apply) If you are interested in joining us or helping backstage Contact us  by phone  (01235) 821351 Email:    info@DraytonPlayers.org.uk 2 scenes from  - “DeckChairs” - in November 2022 “The Guilt Card” “Day Trippers” Away With  The Fairies  This Christmas A scene from  - “Absurd Person Singular” - in Nov 2017 A scene from  - “BusyBody” - in Feb 2016 A scene from  - “Bankers Gone bonkers” - at the Abingdon Drama Festival in June 2019 Recent Productions